#tbt: Nolan Gould (aka Luke Dunphy), then and now!

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Get ready for America’s favorite dude!

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“Mitchell and Cam can be pretty snarky. But I also think it’s because they know each other so well that they don’t need to hide anything.” -Bill Wrubel, Modern Family Executive Producer

Modern Family Executive Producer Brad Walsh: “Ed (Jay) helps Rico (Manny) out. It’s a great relationship and he’s a great guy to be able to lean on. I think Rico’s kind of going through comedy college next to this legend.”

It was totally intentional.

Wearing sweatpants to work = Livin’ the dream?

Modern Family Creator Steve Levitan: “I think in a lot of ways Phil is sort of this perfect husband. I think he’s sort of the husband we all wish we were.”

Great way for high schoolers to learn history and get in shape.

Too cool for the teacups, too.

Too cool for the teacups, too.

Watching the Muppets in 3D.

No need to jump to conclusions.

Really unPhiltered.

Phil: “Nice mustache.”
Sam Eagle: “You too, brother.”